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Employment Law Issues

At Ball & Barry Law, we represent both employers and employees in a wide range of wage and hour disputes. Our attorneys are skilled in advising employers on employee classification, which can proactively prevent the escalation of wage and hour litigation. Additionally, we recognize that workers in Colorado are legally entitled to a minimum wage, overtime payments, proper compensation when leaving a job and other benefits under the Colorado Wage Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act. If you are an employee who thinks you may be underpaid or an employer with questions about compliance with applicable federal and state laws, our attorneys can help advise you through the process of both bringing about and responding to a wage complaint.

Employment in Colorado is at-will, meaning that both the employer and the employee can terminate the relationship at any time. However, this principle does not preclude instances of wrongful termination when the rationale for firing is unlawful or violates public policy. Additionally, many employees have contracts that modify this at will status.





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Whether you are an employer or employee, allow one of our attorneys to guide you through the process of entering an employment contract and help you when separation becomes inevitable. Sometimes you need to understand the proper process for termination and protect your company from liability. Other times, you need help examining your contract as well as the facts and circumstances of your termination to ensure that you are treated fairly and adequately compensated. Regardless of your scenario, BBU is here to guide you through the stressful process.

State and federal law bars employer discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, religion, national origin, age, and disability. Colorado law also prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. These laws may apply to any aspect of the employment relationship, including hiring and firing, discipline, and pay. Make sure you understand your rights and obligation as an employee or employer. We successfully represent employees who may have been the subject of workplace discrimination as well as employers who are responding to discrimination complaints. Our attorneys have reached advantageous outcomes for both plaintiffs and defendants in the context of employment discrimination.

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