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Where Law Meets Business

Our clients find themselves operating at the convergence of global business, increasing regulation, and the need for continual innovation. By committing ourselves to knowing the business of our clients, we offer insightful and experienced legal counsel to aid in navigating these crossroads where law meets business.

At Ball & Barry Law, we consider ourselves your partner — sparing no effort to gain deep understanding of your industry, your strengths and your challenges. Our approach is personal, collaborative and business-minded. We design legal strategies tailored to your needs, so you can focus on running and growing your business.

There are many ways to approach corporate legal matters. Since 2011, we have offered practical guidance to resolve them creatively, responsively, and cost-effectively. In other words, we help you meet your objectives, on time and on budget. 

Success comes in many ways. It may mean preventing legal disputes from ever arising; or it may mean winning at trial, negotiating a settlement, closing a transaction, starting a new venture, raising capital, or simply getting thoughtful legal advice. Whatever the need, Ball & Barry Law offers “big firm” experience with a nimble and responsive touch. We “do the work” ourselves. That means we engage with you directly, not through a thick layer of lawyers. 

Our robust practice is cutting-edge and dynamic, whether regional, national or international in scope. We leverage our unique strengths to get positive results for a wide range of clients — global corporations, growth and middle-market companies, capital markets participants, entrepreneurs, and individuals in a variety of industry groups, public sector entities, and non-profit organizations. 


Our Promise to You 


• We will stay close to your business and invest the time to understand your goals so we deliver practical legal strategies to achieve those goals.

• We will honor your values and speak your language. Aligning with your company culture allows us to distill and deliver targeted information and effective counsel — both essential to help achieve your objectives.

• We will be resourceful problem solvers, striving to provide a creative solution and practical guidance that is insightful, cost-effective and actionable. 

• We will respect your time and your money. We will work with you to provide high-quality legal services at a reasonable cost. We measure success by the year, not by the tenth of an hour. 

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