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At Ball & Barry Law, we focus on strategies to help our business, individual and estate clients avoid litigation. Unfortunately, even the best businesses, owners, and individuals can be sued, whether the claims from your opponent have merit or not.

We are here to help you make sense of the allegations against you, and find the most expeditious, cost-effective solution to suit your business, personal or estate needs. We also know that our clients aren’t looking for conflict, but sometimes you must pursue litigation against others to protect your personal assets, business interests, or inheritance. We also can help you evaluate your potential claims against others and avoid pitfalls that plague unwary litigants.

If litigation is unavoidable, you need a trusted advisor in your corner. Every case we encounter is different, but we can view each conflict through the lens of experience. We will tailor a strategy to fit your needs and goals, whatever those may be, and we stand ready to advocate for our clients.

By assessing the conflict and developing case themes early, focusing discovery on the most important issues, and preparing each case as if we will take it to trial, we put our clients in the best position to win. Sometimes winning is a victory in Court, or a favorable ruling on a motion, and sometimes winning is a negotiated resolution that exceeds your business or personal needs.

We know that full blown litigation and trial is not the best solution for all clients. Years of practical, efficient business law and estate planning experience have taught us that we can often find resolution to the conflict simply by looking outside the litigation box. We put your needs first, and work to achieve your goals, not ours. We look forward to working with you.





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Partner David Ball on Ball & Barry Law's Litigation practice.

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