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Running a business is relentless work. Questions come up unexpectedly in the course of daily operations. They just do.


Considering a contract with a business vendor and want to be confident you’re covered? Want a comprehensive agreement for an independent contractor? Need an employment agreement for new or current employees? Perhaps you just want to feel secure in your understanding of a contract before signing it. Ball & Barry Law will take the time to highlight the key issues, help you solve them and get back to business.

Paperwork Just. is. Forms and paperwork are a fact of business life — and much of it has legal and financial consequences. To be sure you and your business are protected, the importance of handling documents correctly the first time cannot be overstressed. Whether you need us to review a simple equipment lease or you need to negotiate a complex licensing and distribution agreement, we see the big picture and catch the details. The attorneys at Ball & Barry Law have a track record helping businesses succeed and can help yours do the same.

Some of the contracts we help our clients with include:

  • Consulting Agreements;

  • Independent Contractor Agreements;

  • Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements;

  • Non-Competition Agreements;

  • Software License Agreements;

  • Trademark and IP License Agreements;

  • Distribution Agreements;

  • Access Agreements;

  • Escrow Agreements;

  • Franchise Agreements;

  • Employment Agreements;

  • Severance Agreements;

  • Equipment leases;

  • Master Services Agreements;

  • Settlement Agreements; and

  • Indemnification Agreements.

Partner Michael Barry on the firm's Business Practice.

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